The patients find it easier and better then the bedpan

It is known that patients worry about excretions during their stay in a hospital.
For urinating you need to push the button; a high chance for wetting the bed and the uncomfortable use of the bedpan all are concerns. Unfortunately there are not many studies done on this problem.

The use of Pibella is simple, and works after overcoming initial reluctance this novel device, making it a clean, simple and quiet activity.

It is important that the caregiver instructs the patient clearly how Pibella works and that there are other, better things available then the painful bedpan.

So far we have noticed in our Hospital that when Pibella is used, the patients find it easier and better then the bedpan.

“Your skin does not get wet” is a frequent remark from the users, which is quite important because it makes the patient feel ashamed and uncomfortable.

Doris von Siebenthal, Care Expert Surgery Dept, Canton Hospital Baden AG, Baden, Switzerland