Welcome to the perfect Female Urination Device Pibella!

The Female Urination Device Pibella works for all women.
There’s no better feeling than finding the perfect device for female freedom.

Pibella is a reusable, convenient and easy Female Urination Device FUD
This little tube will help you through life’s greatest adventures and everyday challenges.

Pibella Travel  allows you to pee standing up and sitting and without removing clothes.
Pibella Travel

Pibella Travel | Female urination device – standing or sitting

Pibella Comfort allows you to pee lying down and sitting. In case of illness and on the way!
Pibella Comfort

Pibella Comfort | Female urination device – lying down or sitting

Our portable Female Urinary Device Pibella allows all women to pee in a standing, sitting and lying position.
Due to the small and feminine shaped docking orifice, Pibella is optimally adapted to the female anatomy and works for every woman. It is a simple design that works exceptionally well.
The medical urinary system Pibella enables women to urinate in a independent and dignified manner.
The FUD Pibella Travel allows women to urinate while standing and sitting.
The FUD Pibella Comfort allows women to urinate while lying down and sitting.

The female urination device Pibella is a medical product
Because Pibella is a medical device, all our products are manufactured in Switzerland under state-of-the-art and hygienic conditions.
Only non-allergic materials are used. For more details about quality and material please go to Pibella in a nutshell.

What led to the invention of the Pibella urination system?
The Female Urination Device Pibella was developed as a result of a family problem and is available since 2005 to assist all women around the world. If you like to read more about the history please go to History.

Reviews, Fotos and Videos from happy Pibella clients
We are proud of all reviews and feedback. On our website you will find many touching, scientific and amusing statements, testimonials, photos and videos of Pibella customers. These show how valuable the urination device Pibella is. That Pibella is a great help is also confirmed in scientific studies (human, ethical, medical and economic). Thousands of users around the world appreciate and recommend our urination device.  If you like to read more about thankful and happy Pibella clients please go to Pibella reviews

The Female Urination Device Pibella wins many tests and is BEST IN TEST FUD
 The US Magazine Backpacker tested most FUD brands. As a result that the best Female Urination Device is Pibella. For mor information about BEST IN TEST FUD results about Pibella please have a look at The Complete Guide to Female Urination Devices by Backpacker Magzine with Pibella: Best FUD Pibella at Backpacker Magazine Test
In addition, the Urinella Pibella is recommended worldwide by experts. Probably the most noteworthy reviews for to buy a FUD Pibella you will find here: Trekking, Hiking, TravellingOutdoorREI women event, Geocaching, Urinal, HomecareBedridden, Wheelchair,
Even more testresults, studies and reviews you will find under Pibella reviews

I used this Pibella pee funnel every day on a skiing tour and I didn‘t have to take one piece of clothing off. That’s why Pibella is just a brilliant Stand To Pee Device STP.
Brigitt St., Switzerland

Will it work for me too?
Yes, Pibella works for all women. Pibella is the perfect companion for every Lady.
The first application may call for a bit of courage in order to let the urine flow. Afterwards, it quickly becomes a matter of routine.
We do however recommend testing Pibella in the shower.
Should you still have questions? We are always happy to help.

Pibella is highly appreciated by teens and grandmas alike!
Pibella – made for women


Kind regards from Switzerland and thank you for your interest!
Fabian & René Stebler
and Pibella Team, Switzerland