Pibella is a real relief and improvement of comfort

The Internal Medicine and Surgery departments are using Pibella every once in a while. We only have few suitable patients that are bedridden and need to urinate in bed because we try to mobilize everyone.

Because of less effort and sleep interruptions, Pibella is a real relief and improvement of comfort. Also there is less disruption in multiple bed rooms.

For the patients that can benefit from Pibella, we use it. By now, preconception and inhibitions are gone and the product is being used on the different wards.

Pibella will be successful if the patient can relax and fully trust this product. Most times this is easy and sometimes this is a little more complicated.

We found that reasons for mishaps are that women are not relaxed or because of curiosity.
We have more and more success stories now and I am confident this will spread further.

Richard Studer, Healthcare center Fricktal, Hospital Laufenburg, Switzerland