Pibella – a great female urination device

I heard about Pibella via the media. I have been suffering from an irritable bladder for many years, and I can hardly tolerate a permanent catheter (constant irritation of the bladder). In May 2008, I underwent a knee operation after which I was not able to leave my bed for at least 2 days. As I decided to refuse using a permanent catheter, I was left with the single option of testing Pibella. I discussed it with my doctor and the anaesthetist who were both willing to respect my request.
I think Pibella is good due to the fact that a patient does not always have to call for a nurse in order for her to bring a bedpan. The usage is very discreet, and once the application is understood, one never encounters any further problems.
I can only recommend the Pibella female urinating system, and I will certainly use it during the days after my next knee operation (which takes place next year).
Rona Rudolf, Switzerland