Easy to use and discreet

I received my Pibella Travel today and I just had to try it out immediately. I have to say that I am very happy with this fantastic urine device for ladies. It‘s not just easy to use but also highly discreet.

I will recommend Pibella Urine device to other women because I can imagine it will be a welcome aid to many others, e.g. during pregnancy or for those who travel a lot and don‘t have the chance to relieve themselves unobserved.

Kind regards

Eva-Maria Apfelthaler

Pibella works like a dream

Thank you very much for your invention that provides women with a lot more freedom to move!

Pibella Travel works like a dream. Now, I don‘t have to contain myself to the point that it becomes uncomfortable. Great Urinal for ladies!

Best regards

Esther Z., Zurich

Enthusiasm on hikes and expeditions with Pibella Urinal

Feedback from my hiking expedition:

I took the wee-wee devices Pibella Travel + Comfort with me on my hiking expedition and I am thrilled to bits with the female products. At long last, all strenuous activities have come to an end, e.g. getting up, putting shoes on, opening the tent‘s zip, leaving the tent in all weathers!

Pibella accounts for the female anatomy.
Four years ago, I had a climbing accident which caused a strong contusion to the pelvis. If I‘d have possessed Pibella back then, I would have avoided a lot of pain and toil.

Best wishes and kind regards

Annabelle Cuche

Walking and hiking with Pibella pee funnel

I use Pibella Urinal when I go walking and hiking. As I am older, crouching in the woods is quite a problem resp. getting up again. Pibella makes everything a lot easier because I can now urinate standing.

I recently bought two more urinal devices because I want to give one to my sister and keep another one in my handbag.
Pibella also comes in handy in dirty toilets, hence I don‘t have to sit on a filthy toilet seat.

It‘s great that Pibella is so small and even fits in my pocket. Further, the material allows the device to be rinsed under a tap. The water pearls off in droplets.

Yours sincerely

Dora Hansel, Germany

Feedback from the skiing tour expedition to Muztagh Ata, 7,546 m.a.s.l. with Pibella Urinals

On expeditions, there are many unknown factors to be considered, e.g. weather, conditions, health, nutrition, etc. Weeks, even months beforehand, the equipment must be carefully prepared. This encompasses choosing the right gear, not too heavy, yet still warm enough. All in all, these are no simple decisions to be made by inexperienced trekkers.

It was relieving and reassuring to know that, as a woman, I had Pibella Comfort with me for urination at night in the high altitude camps – this solution fully convinced me. I had already gathered plenty of practice at home, getting accustomed to the usage of the device. First in the bathroom, later in bed. Even though it worked perfectly each time, I still decided to take an absorbent mat with me – at high altitudes I couldn‘t afford to have a wet sleeping bag at all. The appliance worked in all situations, whether in the tent, with my clothes on or in the sleeping bag.

I tested Pibella Travel on skiing tours in Switzerland. It took quite a bit of practice to urinate while standing – but as soon as you get the hang of it, it‘s a lot more comfortable than letting your trousers down in ice-cold temperatures. In addition, such „woman peeing while standing“ scenes definitely enhance the entertainment factor within the group!

Many thanks for Pibella that, even though originally designed for ill women, I, as a healthy woman, use a lot in my freetime … and it‘s also a lot of fun. I will gladly recommend the female Pibella Urinals.

Best regards

Eveline Bucheli

We enjoy your pee funnel Pibella :-)

Thanks so much for this ingenious urination System Pibella for ladies. My friends and I thoroughly enjoy it.

Cordially yours

Annika Spörle, Germany

I am enthusiastic about this device

Thank you for the quick delivery. I am enthusiastic about this device.

It will surely prove to be helpful when I am on the road.

Thanks a lot and kind regards, Anke Bruderer

Pibella Travel on my wedding

Dear Sir/Madam

After purchasing a Pibella Travel, I would now like to share my thoughts on this product:

I bought a Pibella for a rather unusual event: my wedding. The reason: I had a crinoline dress and therefore would have needed someone to accompany me to the rest room to lift it up. In order to avoid this inconvenience, I decided to buy a Pibella. After three attempts, I got the hang of it. My Pibella fitted nicely in a small handbag and I was able to go to the toilet on my own.

An excellent product – please keep up the good work!

Best regards
Grit H., Germany

Every woman should know about this product for ladies! I recommend Pibella

I have been using „Pibella Urine director for ladies“ for a year now. Due to the fact that it is somewhat odd, I decided
to try it out in the shower. At first, it took me a while to „let go“ – but I soon overcame that after
experiencing just how clean it is and that nothing goes aside.
I have become an ardent user of Pibella Travel for almost one whole year. I store it in an old sock; I
take it everywhere I go, e.g. on trips, in train toilets, motorway service areas, walking my dog, etc.
All I need to do, is undo my zip, move my slip to one side … a wonderful invention. No more
strenuous crouching, no more taking any clothes off. Pibella is just brilliant.
Every woman should know about this product! I‘ve already spread the word among my family and
friends – I will soon send you an order for at least 50 devices!

Best regards

Painless with Lichen Sclerosus / absolutely dry

It is best money I have given out for a long time!
I suffer from skin disease Lichen Sclerosus – translated into Danish “silkehud” which is a disease of the inner labia. When the disease flares up, bursting the skin and leaves exuding wounds. I have had the disease in some 9 years and have tried everything to avoid urine touching the wounds, without finding something that works for me.
I must admit I was a little skeptic around Pibella Travel, but although the material is hard, it felt not hard while using. I was also concerned it might “stick” against my wounds and then it would be a pain to remove it. This issue has been the biggest problem with all the different things I have tried over the years, but it was a real joy to eliminate it.
Pibella ist the only product, which keeps the body absolutey dry. Not a drop falls aside.
Now I can allow myself to take into the city even when I have these outbreaks, where I previously was forced to stay home near the shower to wash the urine away when I peed and felt pain afterwards.
I can definitely recommend to others with the same disease or other diseases of the vagina, using Pibella Travel and may like to refer to my mail in connection with the mention of the product.

Many greetings
Emma L.