We are just happy that Pibella exists!

We are just so happy that Pibella exists.

My wife Käthi is a complex nursing case due to the complete paralysis of her entire body (Locked-in syndrome). Finding the right position is especially challenging because she is able to feel every fibre of her body, and she knows exactly what is right for her. She is only partly under control when she has to urinate or defecate. As soon as she feels the urge, it usually has to happen very quickly in order to be successful. Relocating to the shower- and wc-wheelchair is also a highly complex matter; and handling the „potty or bedpan“ can also be uncomfortable and time-consuming. For this situation, Pibella is a most welcome aid due to the fact that urinating can be done in a lying position. After relieving oneself, the urine can be disposed of in a comfortable manner, and only a quick cleaning procedure then becomes necessary.

Because my wife cannot use her arms and legs, the nurses must position Pibella themselves. After a bit of practice – which is well worthwhile for all people involved – not a drop goes aside. Pibella is a huge help for all of us. We never want to be without it because it greatly helps to facilitate all of our procedures. Furthermore, the people involved in taking care of Käthi do not come up against their limits as much as before using Pibella, and they also experience less backache.

As you can see, our entire situation is not easy at all, but Pibella is one of those things that helps make our lives a bit easier. We would like to express our deep gratitude to the inventors of Pibella.

Stefan & Käthi – complete paralysis of the entire body (Locked-in syndrome)