Pibella is fantastic

I spend a lot of time travelling, so Pibella is fantastic. I no longer have to hold it in, when I have to pee. This is a picture of myself in Nepal using Pibella.




Female urine device is a lifesaver

This female urine device is the best! I spend a lot of time in the mountains in winter.

Because of my Pibella Travel I don’t have to take my pants off every time I have to pee.

It’s so simple to use and worked right away.

I’m beyond excited


Pibella the female urination device works the first time

How I got to know about Pibella the Female Urination Device?

I searched for practical urination devices online, but most of them weren’t usable and I was disappointed. With most of them accidents happend and you had to pull your trousers too far down, which hasn’t helped me either.

Due to me reaserching other reviews I coincidentally found Pibella Travel. It is the best FUD and exactly what I have been looking for. It worked the first time I tried it.

This didn’t happen with Pibella, so now I am able to pee standing up, which made my life a lot easier

I have to thank you for your amazing invention and the customer service.


portable pee device and my wheelchair

I am beyond happy with my Pibella Travel and I would like to order a second portable pee device. Because I would like to have one at home and one to-go. Due to the fact that I am in a wheelchair, I always depend on finding a suitable toilet in public. This device makes my life so much easyier.

Regards Siskaia


Female pee aid at unappetizing areas

Reorder: This female pee aid is absolutely sensational!!! I have tried mine and would now like to order one for my children and my mother. The fourth one is another one for me – I will leave it in the car … Pibella is just great at all the unappetizing motorway service areas!!

Best regards 🙂
Sabine B. from Basel

The best pee tube

Your invention is sensational. Congratulations! As a woman who likes to travel, I have been waiting for this for many years. It makes my life quite a lot more comfortable, because I can avoid sitting on dirty toilets. This is the best pee tube.

Best regards

Brigitte Gans