Stand to pee device makes me happy

I’ve used my Pibella Travel stand to pee device quite a lot and I’m very happy with it. It’s very easy to use, without any complications whatsoever. The shape matches perfectly, hence I had no problems at all. It proves to be a great device in public toilets. Perfect pee funnel for a standig or sitting position 🙂

Kind regards
Sandra Keil, Germany

urination device for women is perfect

The Pibella urination device for women is simply ingenious. I have had great experiences using it!
As a woman, I can now relieve myself standing up while my clothes hide everything else 🙂 Pibella Urinal is very easy to use which is why I highly recommend Pibella to all women. At first, I tried it under the shower 😉

Kind regards
Yvette Hess