Pibella – and the wheel chair.

My short story:

I am confined to a wheelchair and I use

Pibella Comfort

whenever necessary. I often use Pibella at night when it is too exhausting to get up.

Because I often


by train, I’m glad I don’t have to use the dreadful

train toilets

– instead, I am able do everything in my


. Whenever I go on a bicycle tour with my handbike, I look for a quiet spot outdoors due to the fact that my 2.10 m long vehicle does not fit inside any toilet whatsoever.

When I want to visit my friends or go to a restaurant or participate in advanced training courses, there are hardly ever any

disabled toilet facilities


Thanks to Pibella Comfort, this is no longer a problem at all. The only thing I have to find is a place where I can use Pibella Comfort without any disturbance.

Until now, travelling by air has been the biggest problem for wheelchair users. No airline installs

disabled toilet facilities

in its aircraft. Everything is narrow and tight. Whenever I wanted to visit my sister in Canada, I always had to wear diaper pants on the long flight. Now, with a blanket over my lap, I can also use

Pibella Comfort

on an airplane.

With Pibella Comfort, I feel very relieved.

Karin M. Wolters, Germany