Pee funnel for women is the perfect solution

I would like to reverse my order. Because I already bought this incredible pee funnel for women in an outdoor shop. I didn’t find a way to leave a good review on the website, so I’m writing you this way.

I can’t find the words to express how over the moon I am with this product. As a festival-goer this pee funnel for women is the perfect solution for me, after years of trying other ways and products. My friends and acquaintances can’t hear me talk about it anymore I had to speak about it that often.

Finally this annoying toilet subject is a thing oft he past

Regards, Beatrice

Urine device for women is a gift

I went on a ski trip last week end. And I was so glad to have my urine device for women with me. Everyone knows the cold toilet seats in these mountain restaurants. I have a sensitive bladder, so I am really concerned about getting a cystitis. I tend to get these easily and I always felt like cold seats aren’t exactly helping. Because of Pibella Travel, I no longer have to squat over toilet seats in order to avoid touching them.

I recommended it to my friends on this trip and they were amazed by your invention. You don’t realize how much freedom such a tool gives you until you try out yourself. I am sure every women has some kind of problem with public toilets, which can be solved by this urine device for women.

Pibella is fantastic!

I spend a lot of time travelling, so Pibella is fantastic. I no longer have to hold it in, when I have to pee. This is a picture of myself in Nepal using Pibella.



Female urine device is a lifesaver

This female urine device is the best! I spend a lot of time in the mountains in winter.

Because of my Pibella Travel I don’t have to take my pants off every time I have to pee.

It’s so simple to use and worked right away.

I’m beyond excited


Outdoor female urination device

About a year ago I searched a female urination device. Because I am lot outside and you have been so kind to help me out on the phone.

I am so excited about the Pibella. It works perfectly and is the ideal solution for all the opportunities I looked for.

So your consultation was great.

Yet it wasn’t until lately that I discoverd how amazing Pibella is.

After a surgery my friend had to change the bandages every time she would go to the toilet. That was laborious so I decided to give my Pibella to her and now she is as happy with the Pibella as I am.



Pibella Travel on Festivals

I can not put it in words how happy I am with my Pibella Travel on Festivals. As a encouraged festival vistor I finally discoverd THE solution for myself after years of trying out other possibilites.


My friends can’t hear me talking about it anymore, that’s how much I love it.

Finally the toilet-drama is over thanks to your amazing inventation.

Thank you so much