Pee funnel for women is the perfect solution

I would like to reverse my order. Because I already bought this incredible pee funnel for women in an outdoor shop. I didn’t find a way to leave a good review on the website, so I’m writing you this way.

I can’t find the words to express how over the moon I am with this product. As a festival-goer this pee funnel for women is the perfect solution for me, after years of trying other ways and products. My friends and acquaintances can’t hear me talk about it anymore I had to speak about it that often.

Finally this annoying toilet subject is a thing oft he past

Regards, Beatrice

Pibella Travel on Festivals

I can not put it in words how happy I am with my Pibella Travel on Festivals. As a encouraged festival vistor I finally discoverd THE solution for myself after years of trying out other possibilites.


My friends can’t hear me talking about it anymore, that’s how much I love it.

Finally the toilet-drama is over thanks to your amazing inventation.

Thank you so much