Pibella urination system for women!

My name is Astrid Landmesser, and I am a physiotherapist from Erkelenz. I am specialised in treating patients who suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction. (www.kg-neuland.de  )I became acquainted with Pibella urination system for women at a urological conference in Aachen.  I was immediately struck by this simple pee tube. Being able to relieve myself while standing up is perfect for women. Especially on hikes in forests or in the mountains will this small tube do wonders. It takes a bit of practice, but it does work without any problems whatsoever. Pibella is always in my backpack!

I have also recommended Pibella to my patients. Whoever feels an increased and compelling urge to urinate or is afraid of getting stuck in a traffic jam, then Pibella is absolutely ideal with its urine bag or even simply using a bottle. This means you have no trouble at all relieving yourself in the car. Even though it requires a bit of practice, it definitely works.  Above all, it helps to remove the pressure that you may not make it to the next service area in time.

I wish you success! Pibella is a great system!

Astrid Landmesser