Pibella Travel | Female urination device – standing and sitting

Pibella Travel is a hygienic companion for women on vacation, trekking in the mountains, through deserts, Greenland ice and in the jungle … or even just for a short walk. Dirty toilets or a traffic jam in the car can no longer terrify you. Thanks to the unique shape of the tube, women can discreetly do their ‟business‟ standing up. The buttocks always remain covered. The ideal female urinal!

Pibella is scientifically tested and recommended and is an externally applicable medical product according to the European standard 93/42/EWG, class 1; annex VII. It is registered at „Swissmedic“ and is CE- and FDA-certified. Manufacturing is only carried out in Switzerland under state-of-the-art and hygienic conditionsPibella -