Pibella Travel | Female urination device – standing and sitting

Pibella Travel is a hygienic companion for women on vacation, trekking in the mountains, through deserts, Greenland ice and in the jungle … or even just for a short walk. Dirty toilets or a traffic jam in the car can no longer terrify you. Thanks to the unique shape of the tube, women can discreetly do their ‟business‟ standing up. The buttocks always remain covered. The ideal female urinal!

Pibella Travel is highly appreciated by teenagers to women older than 90 all over the world!

Pibella Travel / Pibella Comfort / loved Worldwide / made for women

Pibella Travel | Female urination device – standing or sitting


Many women have been dreaming of a device like Pibella for centuries. At long last, the unique urination system Pibella Travel allows women to relieve themselves either in a standing or sitting position, also in a quick and discreet manner – independent of where they are in the world or how they are Traveling.

  • Pibella Travel was especially designed for an external, simple and smooth use.
  • It is the only urination system for women that, due to the anatomically adapted small orifice, encloses the exit of the urethra in a direct, gentle and sealed manner. Not one single drop spills, and the body remains absolutely dry.
  • Pibella works for all women. The first application may call for a bit of courage in order to let the urine flow. Afterwards, it quickly becomes a matter of routine.
  • WC facilities can be used without even touching the toilet seat.
Pibella Travel / perfekte Grösse/ perfect size / grandeur parfait / dimensioni perfette / perfect tamaño

Pibella Travel | has the perfect size and a minimum weight of 12 grams.

Pibella Travel / Pibella Comfort / loved Worldwide / made for women

Pibella Travel | The small, hygienic an infinitely usable companion has proven itself for all outdoor activities.

The use and care of Pibella Travel is absolutely simple. Precise instructions including illustrations are enclosed with each delivery.

Pibella Travel is made of non-irritant polypropylene (PP). The material is water-repellent, dishwasher safe, rinsable and sterilisable in boiling water (up to 135°C). (Also washing machine safe). Infinitely re-usable. 100% recyclable (PP5). Made in Switzerland. Registered design. Worldwide patent.
When Traveling, just shake out or rinse (cold/hot) after use, then put it in the resealable bag. Practically no remains due to water-repellent material.

Pibella Travel / einfach in der Anwendung / simple to use / simple à utiliser / facile da usare / fácil de usar

Pibella Travel | absolutely simple to use and easy to care!

The correct position can be found easily and almost automatically. It quickly becomes a matter of routine! Due to the selected solid material, Pibella Travel is easy to handle and it feels very pleasant and gentle during the positioning (similar to drinking from a glass).

It usually works correctly straight away. We do however recommend testing it in the shower at home. The first application may call for a bit of courage in order to let the urine flow. Afterwards, it quickly becomes a matter of routine!

Pibella Travel with a blue zipp bag and instructions in text and pictures

Pibella Travel | with a blue zipp bag and instructions in text and pictures

Depending on the trouser style (e.g. walking trousers, ski clothing, etc.), we also recommend practising at home before using it outdoors.

Slip down underpants or just slide them to one side (illustration). The bottom remains completely covered. Trousers with a longer zip are more suitable due to the fact that the bottom is additionally covered by the trousers.
Pibella Travel is optimally adapted to the female anatomy and works for every woman. Due to the small and feminine-shaped docking orifice, the exit of the urethra is enclosed between the labia in a direct and gentle manner.
The urine stream is then cleanly diverted via the tube, leaving the body absolutely dry! Even the last drop can be wiped off. By the way, even your shoes stay dry.

Wherever and however you are traveling, you will not want to miss this small and hygienic „companion“, Pibella Travel.

Pibella Travel / einfach in der Anwendung / simple to use / simple à utiliser / facile da usare / fácil de usar

Pibella Travel | easy to use!

Whether on travels and expeditions, on holiday, at events, during sports and other outdoor activities, on the train, at service areas, camping sites or in restaurants – Pibella Travel is absolutely reliable anywhere you go. With Pibella Travel, women can now drink enough liquids during ski or mountain tours all day long. Gone are the days of having to fear painful urination and dangerously disembark a rope team. Use Pibella Travel , when the bladder is full: a thankful relief sitting in a car, bus, train or airplane. Just put a blanket over your legs to serve as a screen.

Pibella Comfort / Sonja Meier / swiss Greenland Expedition 2009 / Expedition / Worldwide

Pibella Travel und Comfort | she always has it with her, Sonja Meier from the Team „Swiss Greenland Expedition 2009“ Bear-Tracks

On my expeditions, I always place my trust in Pibella Travel and Comfort Both products are now a permanent part of my equipment.
This will be the case once again on the upcoming „Swiss Greenland Expedition 2009“ from April 13 until June 16, 2009 when we aim to cross the island of Greenland. Your product is simple and practical. Standing up, all I have to do is open my trouser zip.
At night, I don‘t even have to get out of my sleeping bag and therefore can stay in the tent. I can only recommend both products to all women.

Sonja Meier vom Team „Swiss Greenland Expedition 2009, www.bear-tracks.ch

„Going for a wee“ outside was until now mostly uncomfortable and often humiliating or even „disgusting“ for women.

Pibella Travel / Events / Wedding / Festivals / Worldwide / Made for Women

Pibella Travel | The practical, small and hygienic companion at events, at weddings or other festivities – and of course with obnoxious toilets.

  • A full bladder, no toilet in sight, dirty wc facilities or long queues.
  • For women who use Pibella this is no longer a problem because they can now relieve themselves standing up in a comfortable and discreet manner.
  • Until now, it wasn’t at all easy to urinate while wearing a festive or wedding dress. With Pibella Travel all you need to do, is roll up your dress or loosen it at the waist and push it slightly downwards. This way, the dress is also protected from being stained.
  • Whether at events, weddings or other festivities – Pibella Travel is the convenient small and hygienic „companion“. Pibella’s fan community is constantly growing.
  • It provides women with more freedom, security and well-being – both in good times and in bad..

Pibella Travel during pregnancy

Pibella Travel / Schwangerschaf / pregnancy / grossesse / gravidanza / embarazo

Pibella Travel | This makes it easier to go to the toilet during and after pregnancy!

  • Pregnant women are expecially susceptible to infections on public toilets. This is where Pibella Travel ensures total protection.
  • If it becomes difficult or not recommendable to either sit or crouch down, Pibella Travel offers more security, freedom and well-being.
  • During pregnancy, going to the toilet doesn’t get easier, and the frequency of looking for a toilet becomes higher.
  • It is also recommended to use it after birth. In the event of an episiotomy, it keeps the urine away in order to prevent inflammation.

After a major operation, Pibella Travel and Pibella Comfort, were a great help. I can fully recommend both products!

Renate Andermatt, Hebamme

Urination and pain, this was formerly!

Pibella Travel / aufrecht ist ideal / upright is ideal / verticale est idéale / posizione eretta è l'ideale / vertical es ideal

Pibella Travel | when sitting, upright is ideal.

In the event of illness, old age, a handicap or an accident, Pibella Travel is a great help for women who must cope with everyday life under difficult conditions. The small and hygienic Pibella Travel stands the test in the following situations:

  • Illnesses and accidents
  • Before and after operations
  • Bone fractures or bandaged legs
  • Difficulties when sitting or standingor if a problem is caused by simply crouching behind a bush.

Women who are reliant upon a wheelchair use Pibella Travel, in trains, airplanes, cars or restaurants and hence enjoy a greater amount of freedom.

Pibella Travel / Pibella Comfort / loved Worldwide / made for women

Pibella Comfort | while sitting “tilted position” is ideal.

Pibella Travel | while sitting, “upright position” is ideal.

Simply put a piece of clothing or a blanket over your thighs (as a screen), put Pibella Travel into position – stick the end of the tube into a PET bottle – and let the urine flow.

Pibella is scientifically tested and recommended and is an externally applicable medical product according to the European standard 93/42/EWG, class 1; annex VII. It is registered at „Swissmedic“ and is CE- and FDA-certified. Manufacturing is only carried out in Switzerland under state-of-the-art and hygienic conditions