Pibella, the only female urination device that seals tightly!

Gretha fell ill with CIDP in September 2006, which practically led to an entire loss of mobility. 18 months later, she went on a cycling trip for the first time again, and we also planned a canoeing and hiking trip to the Swedish Eastern Archipelago in the summer of 2008. BUT! The illness causes several unpleasant situations. For example if Gretha has to relieve herself – then it has to „happen“ immediately. This means that there is no time to wait.

We made no secret of this fact and set our travelling rhythm according to Gretha’s bladder. With some astonishment we discovered that there is a considerable number of fellow sufferers who, shamefacedly and with umpteen excuses and beating around the bush, really do suffer. We quickly realised that canoeing in the Archipelago would remain wishful thinking without a fully functioning urination system. We had to find a solution for the car journey as well as for the boat and the tent.

Initial research in relevant sports shops merely led to half-hearted solutions, none of them really favourable to women: hence, useless in terms of using them in the kayak, the car or the tent. Thanks to the Internet, Google and a bit of time, I eventually came across an invention by two Swiss men. Convinced by the functionality planned to the last detail and the simple application, we ordered a Pibella Comfort and Travel for test purposes. After trying it out for the first time, we knew straight away that our vacation in the Archipelago would finally become reality! But what makes the application so simple and uncomplicated?

Pibella Urinbeutel 5er Pack All solutions provided on the market are relatively bulky, funnel-shaped objects that are externally positioned on the vulva by the woman and, depending on the anatomy and possibility, do not seal tightly. Therefore, they leave behind a wet environment and are awkward to transport. More often than not, one has to either partially undress or the handling is obtrusive. Pibella is the only solution that is positioned directly over the urethral orifice and that diverts the urine without interfering with the surroundings.

Pibella Comfort Instructions, Cleaning, Tips After practising a couple of times with Pibella Travel, Gretha was able to position „the thing“ as fast as I could get „my thing“ out of my trousers. She stands there just like a man, only to be recognised as a woman because of her hair cut. The question „go and see if anyone is coming“ is now a thing of the past. She can now go to the next tree, unfasten her trousers a bit, push her slip to one side and put Pibella Travel in its correct position. Afterwards, she can stow it away in the plastic bag provided with the set. The tube remains virtually dry thanks to the appropiate material, allowing for the urine to almost completely drip off. Until now, nighttime had also been an additional burden.

Leaving the warm sleeping bag in appalling weather conditions – often rain, and also walking across unfamiliar terrain, through branches and climbing over boulders with a headlamp – is not every woman’s cup of tea. In our case, it wasn’t so much a matter of just leaving the tent and entering natural surroundings. More often than not, she could just not hold it back, hence hardly having any time to get outside.

Pibella Comfort has a slightly modified geometry as opposed to Pibella Travel in order to comply with the female anatomy in lying and seated positions.

Pibella Comfort Gretha was able to thoroughly enjoy the Scandinavian sunsets and drink a glass or two of wine – without having to worry about how she would „survive“ the night … We were only able to go on holiday thanks to these two aids, as trivial as this may appear. After a short while, they became a natural part of our daily routine. Anybody smirking about the „two old folks“ ceased to do so within a very short time. We couldn’t however help but smile whenever we heard people unzipping their tents during the night.

We were out in the wild for just over two weeks, without hardly any contact to „civilisation“. We spent the rest of the time in our tent on camping sites or in beautiful spots far away from any sanitary buildings! During this time, Gretha only used one plastic bag, obviously cleaning it as well as the set in a hygienic manner.

We can safely say that we have finally found the perfect solution for the car journey, the boat trip as well as for camping purposes! Thanks to Pibella, we have gained more quality of life!

We would like to extend our warmest thanks to the inventors of this product.

Urs and Gretha Steiner, Germany