Pibella Comfort | Female urination device – lying down or sitting

Pibella Comfort is the ingenious alternative to the bed pan, because women can urinate while lying down in an independent and comfortable manner. In case of illness, it improves the well-being of the patient and prevents falls by more than 70%. It also facilitates care and gives the woman more independence in her old age. But also on trips, in a tent and during pregnancy, Pibella is the perfect solution. The popular female urinal!

Pibella Comfort is an ideal aid in many life situations!

Pibella Comfort

Pibella Comfort | Female urination device – lying down or sitting

The medical urination system Pibella Comfort enables women to urinate either lying down or sitting in a independent and dignified manner. It has stood the test in the event of illness, at hospitals or at home as well as during outdoor activities, on travels and expeditions.

  • Pibella Comfort was especially designed for an external and simple application
  • It is the only urination system for women that, due to the anatomically adapted small orifice, encloses the exit of the urethra in a direct, gentle and sealed manner.
  • Ideal in bed (lying down) and on the edge of the bed (seated).
  • Also highly convenient for outdoor activities
  • It works for all women. The first application may call for a bit of courage in order to let the urine flow. Afterwards, it quickly becomes a matter of routine!
Pibella Comfort Set / Röhrchen, Deckel drei Urinbeutel / tube, lid and three bags / tube, couvercle et trois sachets / tubo, tapa y tres bolsos

Pibella Comfort | Set with one tube, lid and three bags.

Pibella Comfort is available in a convenient set (1 tube with lid + 3 bags). Both the tube and the lid are infinitely re-usable.

Pibella Comfort is a huge benefit for patients and nursing staff. Ever since 2006, it has been utilised in hospitals, nursing homes and the home care sector as a successful alternative.

Pibella Travel / Pibella Comfort / loved Worldwide / made for women

Pibella Comfort| The small, hygienic an infinitely usable companion has proven itself for all outdoor activities.

The material is absolutely non-irritant, dishwasher safe, rinsable and sterilisable in boiling water (up to 135°C)

The use and care of Pibella Comfort is absolutely simple. Precise illustrations are enclosed with each delivery

Due to the selected solid material Pibella Comfort, the tube is easy to handle and it feels very pleasant and gentle during the positioning (similar to drinking from a glass).

It usually works correctly straight away. We do however recommend practising with a pad. The first application may call for a bit of courage in order to let the urine flow. Afterwards, it quickly becomes a matter of routine! If necessary, slide your underwear to one side.

Pibella Comfort is optimally adapted to the female anatomy and works for every woman. Due to the small and feminine-shaped docking orifice, the exit of the urethra is enclosed between the labia in a direct and gentle manner. The urine stream is then cleanly diverted via the tube into the urine bag, leaving the body absolutely dry! Even the last drop can be wiped off.

Pibella Comfort / im Liegen und Sitzen / lying down or sitting / couchée ou assise / sdraiate o sedute / acostado y sentado

Pibella Comfort | simple to use, lying down or sitting.

Demonstration using the hand

The function can be demonstrated AND practised using the hand. This gives more confidence and helps to find the correct position.

  1. One hand forms a fictitious vaginal orifice with the thumb and index finger. The red dot represents the exit of the urethra.
  2. Completely insert the Pibella tongue into the fictitious vaginal orifice and attach it to the upper vaginal wall by applying gentle pressure.
  3. The tube now tightly seals the exit of the urethra.


  1. Remove bag, empty and dispose of it.
  2. Place Pibella and lid in bed pan washer to clean it.
  3. Put it in the patient’s bedside table.

We recommend a patient-related use (mark the tube with a waterproof pen).

For private use, the sturdy Pibella and the lid can be washed and cleaned in boiling water (water tap, soap, saucepan, hot wash programme in washing machine, dishwasher). They are infinitely re-usable. For private use, the urine bag can be used very often and re-ordered at any time.

Pibella tube is made of non-irritant polypropylene (PP). The material is water-repellent, dishwasher safe, rinsable and sterilisable in boiling water (up to 135°C). Re-usable. 100% recyclable (PP5). Made in Switzer- land. Registered design. Worldwide patent.

Pibella Comfort-urine bag is made of non-irritant plastic (CPA, PE). It is extremely durable and shock-resistant. The tube is pushed into the bag. Instructions are printed on the bag. Low environmental pollution. Made in Switzerland. Registered design. For private use, the bag can be used several times. One set includes 3 bags which can be reordered

Pibella Comfort-lid seals the tube tightly and odour-free.

Pibella Comfort – a wonderful alternative for patients and nursing care

For women who cannot leave their beds, Pibella Comfort offers a clean, intimate and reliable form of relief.
Thanks to its straightforward application, it is also a huge relief for the nursing staff. It takes considerably less time to use than a bedpan. Furthermore, there is no need for lifting anymore.
Properly used, both body and bed remain completely dry.
In our opinion, the most important thing is maintaining women’s dignity.

Ever since 2005 Pibella Comfort has been used in hospitals, clinics, nursing and old people’s homes as well as in the HomeCare and Spitex sectors. The nursing staff explains how to use Pibella Comfort in order for the patient to calmly urinate on her own.

If needed, Pibella Comfort can also bediscreetly positioned by the nursing staff. The application of Pibella Comfort can also be demonstrated and practiced using the hand.
Precise instructions are enclosed with each delivery (including demonstration by hand).

Pibella Comfort / Krankenhaus / hospital / l'hôpita / ospedale / hospital

Pibella Comfort | the practical application in the hospital.

  • Safeguard privacy and dignity
  • Very straightforward application
  • Usually applicable without help
  • When the urge to urinate arises, there is no need for a nurse call
  • No waiting until a care person comes to help
  • No need for any assistance by one or two care persons
  • No force needed because there is no need to lift the buttocks
  • Private parts must no longer be stretched upwards
  • Hygienic, aesthetic product helps to urinate
  • Clean and intimate urination in a lying position
  • No urine whatsoever spills
  • Private parts, buttocks, back and thighs remain dry
  • The bed remains dry
  • Less inflamed skin
  • No painful bedpan edge
  • No waiting until the bedpan is removed
  • Whenever necessary, Pibella is removed from the bed or the cupboard
  • No leakage due to lid closure
  • A catheter is hardly ever or never at all necessary
  • Also applicable at home
  • Well-being is generally improved

Pibella Comfort is unique and stands the test at home. It is esteemed by teenagers to women older than 90!

Pibella Comfort / zu Hause / at home / à la maison / a casa / Homecare

Pibella Comfort | at home, a relief for everyone!

Pibella Comfort at home. A relief for everyone!

  • For the patient
  • For the nursing staff
  • For relatives talking care of the patient

Pibella Comfort is immeasurably valuable – particularly when getting up is difficult, dangerous, painful or not possible. But also when the body should not be moved or strained!

Pibella Comfort stands the test in the following cases:

  • illnesses and accidents
  • before and after operations
  • bone fractures
  • circulation problems
  • medication
  • dizziness
  • risk of falling (more than 70% of falls can be prevented)
  • old age
  • obesity
  • during and after pregnancy

It is also very important that women drink enough liquid all day long. Pain is diminished – stress is reduced – healing processes are improved!
Women find the external, straightforward application wonderful, pleasant and discreet and, more often than not, they use Pibella independently which is especially appreciated at night!!

24 hour care usually becomes unnecessary. Relatives consider care a lot easier using Pibella Comfort. It is no longer compelling to use the bedpan which is uncomfortable for many people; and going to the toilet – which can often be dangerous – also becomes unnecessary

Nursing and medical staff use Also at home, Pibella Comfort manages to prevent many falls! to prevent. An impressive study by the “aarReha Klinik Schinznach”, Switzerland

Pibella Travel & Comfort / Stürze verhindern / prevent falling / core chutes / menus caídas

Pibella Comfort | the number of patients who fall over has been reduced by 70%.

Duration of study: 3 years aarReha

  • Thanks to Pibella, the number of patients who fall over has been reduced by 70%.
  • Positive results can be achieved in a very short time.
  • We are able to save several tens of thousands of Swiss francs with each diminished fall (not including potential subsequent operations).
  • The increase in well-being cannot be overemphasised.
  • The patient is once again ready to drink enough liquid. This leads to better healing processes and less stress.
  • We recommend every clinic to use Pibella.
aarReha Schinznach, Specialised Clinic for Rehabilitation, Rheumatology, Osteoporosis. Rolf Strässler Head of Nursing Service, Member of the Clinic Management


Worth knowing:

What causes fall injuries? A report by Bernar Bauschert

Why patients may faint when they have to urinate.

The patient lies in bed. She gets up and all of a sudden, blood rushes from within her head downward. Mainly to the legs. By now, the full bladder has compressed the circumjacent venous plexus. By urinating, the bladder collapses and the veins are filled with blood again.

Because the patient stands up at this point, even more blood rushes from within the head downward – now directly into the venous plexus around the bladder, which can lead to the patient fainting. The greatest danger is when the patient sits up after urinating. This danger is even greater for old people because the pumping capacity of the heart is weaker and therefore the loss of blood within the head cannot be easily compensated.

At the worst, the patients can actually feel the oncoming faint, then they fret causing the heart to pound, something that old age people’s hearts can hardly take. This can even lead to heart attack.

A further important observation connected to the fear of the bedpan is that the patients don’t drink enough liquid towards the evening because they try avoid the pot as much as they can.

Due to Pibella , patients can drink enough liquid and therefore they don’t try and stagger to the toilet too early and on their own in order to avoid using the bedpan. Along with its enormous efficiency, Pibella also helps to massively cut the costs of fall injuries.

Bernard Bauschert is a care specialist and an instructor at the nurse’s training school at the St. Marien hospital in Siegen, Kampenstr. 51, DE-57072 Siegen, Germany

Also at home, Pibella Comfort manages to prevent many falls!

Pibella Comfort for handicaped woman

Pibella Comfort / liegend und sitzend / lying or sitting / couchée ou assise / sia sdraiata sia seduta / acostado y sentado

Pibella Comfort | for the application either in a lying or sitting position.

In the event of illness, a handicap or an accident, Pibella Comfort is a great help for women who must cope with everyday life under difficult conditions. An important prerequisite is that the urine can be checked.

Pibella Comfort / Wheelchair / Rollstuhl / sedia a rotelle / fauteuil roulant / silla de ruedas

Pibella Comfort | when sitting, “tilt” is ideal.

Pregnant with Pibella Comfort

Pibella Comfort / Schwangerschaft / Embarazo / Pregnancy / Gravidanza

Pibella Comfort | during and after pregnancy, a huge relief.

During and after pregnancy, when getting up is either difficult or not possible – particularly at night – Pibella Comfort is a wonderful and pleasant help When going to the toilet doesn’t get any easier, and the frequency of looking for a toilet becomes higher, Pibella Comfort proves to be a huge relief.

It is also recommended to use it after birth. In the event of an episiotomy, it keeps the urine away in order to prevent inflammation.

Pibella Comfort is the pleasant alternative that allows women to relieve themselves discreetly and quickly!

Pibella Comfort / Reisen / Hiking / Expedition / Wandern / Camping / Cenderismo

Pibella Comfort | is a small and hygienic „companion“ for travels, expeditions, holidays, events, outdoor activities, mobile homes, tents and in the car during a traffic jam.

Originally developed to help ill women, Pibella’s advantages are more and more being discovered for carefree and pleasant times. This ingenious urination system has already been a reliable travel companion on expeditions in the Himalayas, through Greenland’s ice, in the desert and on many more adventurous journeys.

Pibella Comfort / Sonja Meier / swiss Greenland Expedition 2009 / Expedition / Worldwide

Pibella Travel und Comfort | she always has it with her, Sonja Meier from the Team „Swiss Greenland Expedition 2009“ Bear-Tracks

„The fact that women increasingly head for higher destinations means that there is a need for advice which especially covers the female anatomy. After testing your compact and easy to handle Pibella models which worked immediately (without spilling a single drop), I can recommend your unique urination system, also in my high-altitude medical guidebook!“

Prof. Dr. Klaus Mees, Höhenmediziner, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München, Deutschland

„Such an ingenious aid should be a joyous naturalness in healthcare as well as in the outdoor activities sector. Every woman should be informed about Pibella without any kind of false shame.“

Priv. Doz. Dr. med Ruth Kirschner-Hermanns – Leitung Kontinenzzentrum – Interdisziplinärer Bereich Urologie, Gynäkologie und Allgemeinchirurgie – Universitätsklinikum Aachen, Deutschland

The scientifically tested and recommended Pibella is an externally applicable medical product according to the European standard 93/42/EWG, class 1; annex VII. It is registered at „Swissmedic“ and is CE- and FDA-certified. Manufacturing is only carried out in Switzerland under state-of-the-art and hygienic conditions.