Travel pee tube is lifechanging

I wanted to share my experience with the Travel pee tube Pibella. I knew for a while that this pee device existed, due to a friend of mine. Nevertheless it took me a while to get a fan of this product. It all happened because I would have to go on a longer car-ride. This scared me a bit because I was always stressed out having to use these improper toilets. After hours of thinking how to solve this problem I thought of Pibella. I got curious and went to their website ( und looked through it. The positive feedback of other women convinced me to give it a go. I have not regretted it to this day. I should have done it a while ago.

But now to the actual FUD: The Pibella Travel pee tube simply works. As described in the instructions it performs in the real life. Even at the first try there was not a single drop that missed the toilet. I would suggest nevertheless to try it at home or in the shower for the first time. Like that you can build up trust in this stp and it will work like a wonder in public too. It is my little lifesaver and I can save time too. Before I got Pibella I used to put toilet paper on the seat. This is over know!