Customer Service and Policy Information

Thank you for shopping with The Pibella – FUD – Female Urination Device works for all women.

Help Wanted
Do you have a blog, website, or social media following? Would you like to help us?
Many women will be very grateful to know about the FUD Pibella. We offer you free Pibellas. Or ask us for bigger tasks.

Social Media Ambassadors

We are seeking for courageous women who are Social Media Experts to help us Promote Pibella and Grow the Pibelle Community. Or just send us some words about your experience. Photos and videos are very helpful.

Product Reviewers
We need personalities with female urination device experience. You may use the product review videos for your YouTube channel as well as having them posted on our YouTube channel. Contact Us for more information.
All publications can be made anonymously or with name shortcuts.