I must congratulate you for a great product

With love, from the worst railway line in Italy! On a train (without bathrooms) which takes almost two hours to cover 50km, a Pibella urinal and a bottle are a boon 🙂

I must congratulate you for a great product. Surely you already know, but I wanted to say it anyway. Pibelle is the great female urination device while standing and sitting (see my picture).

I live in Italy. I’m a commuter, to go from home to work and back takes me over 7 hours, and the bathrooms are missing or they suck. As for spite, I need to go to the bathroom very often! 🙂 I’m pretty fat (ehm… ok, I’m obese!!) and I find it difficult to lie down.

I tried six different products, some do not go, some go pretty well. The Pibella device is the only one that gives me the 100% security and peace of mind. I know that when I really need it so much, do not risk going out with wet pants 🙂

It is easy to learn to use Pibella, and it is perfectly effective even for a person chubby like me! 😀

Saluti dall’Italia! Kamila