Thank you so much, Pibella!

I received the free 3 Pibellas this week, and had planned to write back yesterday to thank you and to let you know, but I was gone all day.  Thank you so much.  You may have thought I had already sent a video in, but I haven’t yet.  I’m a little unsteady on my feet, and I tried to film it before I wrote back, so I could send you a video, but I found it difficult to hold the Pibella and the phone camera and hold myself up, all at the same time!  LOL…. I will practice more, and hopefully be able to send in a video soon.  I’m giving the other two Pibellas to my daughters, and they will at first think I’m crazy, until they realize the importance of this wonderful product!  🙂  One of my daughters was stuck in traffic one time for over two to three hours, and fortunately she was in a van, so she went to the back of the van and used a water jug!  She will soon learn the importance of this great product, when I remind her of that…..not to mention all the nasty bathrooms out there, that makes one cringe to have to sit upon!  
Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Thank you again….so much!
Julia, USA