Pibella Fud funktionniert

Ich habe meine Pibella heute erhalten. Schön, dass es mit einem praktischen Verschlussbeutel geliefert wird. Die Fud funktionniert, wie erwartet.

Petra, USA


Pibella Pipirohr ein Muss für die Jugend

Warum hatte ich nur kein Pibella Pipirohr in meiner Jugend? Jedes Mädchen sollte sofort lernen, mit so einem Ding umzugehen – und wenn ich mal ne alte Schachtel bin, dann nehme ich die fürs Bett 🙂

Marisa B.

Pibella Urination Device works great with MS

I purchased this, it works great! I have MS and this allows me to go to the bathroom without having to squat while hiking, paddling, skiing, and biking.
Also we must think about the TICK infestation, I know of 2 women who had ticks in and very close to their vaginas.
I have tried other products that are similar, this one is the one I recommend to all my friends.
Deborah F.

Urination device for Wheelchair and Powerchair


I am a user of both the comfort and the travel Pibella (for to pee while sitting in my powerchair, wheelchair). I have trialled a few urinary devices in the my time and by far by far by far,

your product is superior!

I have introduced it to facebook page of women who also have Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy.
Thanks for creating such a wonderful, life expanding product. Very grateful.

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Kind regards
Rebecca from Australia