Clean pee with Pibella STP

I am 71 years old and recently purchased my Pibella STP Stand To Pee Device and had to let you know how appreciative I am that you have come up with this wonderful way to use public restrooms hassle free and without concern with cleanliness. I would always crouch over the bowl to avoid sitting (lining with paper is such an inconvenience). As I age the crouching was more and more uncomfortable.
The first picture I am sending (with stainless steel toilet) is from a flight I just took. While I was in the restroom, the plane had turbulence and you can imagine what that is like when you are crouching and trying to go over a small bowl! Because of my Pibella I had no problem. The shaking of the aircraft did not cause me any poor aim. I am thrilled with this product and wish I had it years ago. 
Thank you again and if you appreciate my photo. I would love to have another in the pearl color sent to me. Best Stand to Pee Device STP Pibella.

Best regards