Pee standing up on hikingtrips

Pee standing up on hikingtrips

All my Pibellas arrived two weeks ago. On our girl trip 7 women had a Pibella with them. They were veeery pleased and thankful, because it is a lot more comfortable to pee standing up. It definitely made hiking easier.

I wish your team a good time

Regards Inge and the girl hiking group

Pibella on travelling

Train toilets are easy now with this stand to pee devie STP. Pibella is easy, fast and clean.
Many thanks. Pibella for all women !

I'm very happy with it

I’ve used my Pibella Travel quite a lot and I’m very happy with it. It’s very easy to use, without any complications whatsoever. The shape matches perfectly, hence I had no problems at all. It proves to be a great device in public toilets. Perfect pee funnel for a standig or sitting position 🙂

Kind regards
Sandra Keil, Germany

Pibella is brilliant

I used the Pibella female urination device a couple of times on holiday and I think it is brilliant for all women! 😀

Best regards

Gerstl Martina

I didn’t know about it until yesterday

Dear Pibella team

I think the Pibella urination device is amazing – I have already recommended it to all my friends. I have had many good experiences which led to me giving Pibella the best rating. Please find attached a “Pibella in action photograph” – I now look forward to receiving 1 free green Pibella Travel. ♥

Best regards

Christina P.

Stand an Pee in the jungle with Pibella

After reading a lot of reviews I was leaning toward purchasing the Pibella. Then, after I found all of the videos I was absolutely sold. My Pibella and I have just returned from a vacation in Costa Rica where I used it almost every day hiking. I feel that this is the best FUD and would love to keep another one in the car and share the others with my girlfriends. I will help spread the word of your fine product.
Thank You,
Westfield, Massachusetts