Urine device for women is a gift

I went on a ski trip last week end. And I was so glad to have my urine device for women with me. Everyone knows the cold toilet seats in these mountain restaurants. I have a sensitive bladder, so I am really concerned about getting a cystitis. I tend to get these easily and I always felt like cold seats aren’t exactly helping. Because of Pibella Travel, I no longer have to squat over toilet seats in order to avoid touching them.

I recommended it to my friends on this trip and they were amazed by your invention. You don’t realize how much freedom such a tool gives you until you try out yourself. I am sure every women has some kind of problem with public toilets, which can be solved by this urine device for women.

Travel pee tube is lifechanging

I wanted to share my experience with the Travel pee tube Pibella. I knew for a while that this pee device existed, due to a friend of mine. Nevertheless it took me a while to get a fan of this product. It all happened because I would have to go on a longer car-ride. This scared me a bit because I was always stressed out having to use these improper toilets. After hours of thinking how to solve this problem I thought of Pibella. I got curious and went to their website (http://pibella.com) und looked through it. The positive feedback of other women convinced me to give it a go. I have not regretted it to this day. I should have done it a while ago.

But now to the actual FUD: The Pibella Travel pee tube simply works. As described in the instructions it performs in the real life. Even at the first try there was not a single drop that missed the toilet. I would suggest nevertheless to try it at home or in the shower for the first time. Like that you can build up trust in this stp and it will work like a wonder in public too. It is my little lifesaver and I can save time too. Before I got Pibella I used to put toilet paper on the seat. This is over know!

Empowered with Pibella urination device!

Pibella Travel Female Urination Device

I just got my pibella urination device. And I was planning to trial it in the shower to be on the safe side. But, after reading the instructions I thought I’d give “peeing standing and doing it straight into the toilett” a go. I’m pleased to report that it was very straightforward and besides that I didnt leak or get any wee anywhere except right into the bowl! Lol!! Can’t wait to take it hiking and camping. Thanks Jo.

Kate Coghlan on Dec 03, 2017

DixiKlo | Pibella Travel | Hidden in Nature | The Female Urination Device

Pibella Travel unterwegs in der Natur

Yesterday I was at the Köln Marathon. My friend was wondering why I could go to the bathroom without any worries. I told her my secret. My Pibella is wonderful and I am beyond annoyed about the situation for women on public toilets. They are often dirty and gross. 

This is a video of myself using Pibella Travel. It was on an open field, no tree in sight. Now I always have a option to solve a bladder problem. It is even fun to have an insight of the male version of anatomy.

Regards SR

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Pibella is fantastic!

I spend a lot of time travelling, so Pibella is fantastic. I no longer have to hold it in, when I have to pee. This is a picture of myself in Nepal using Pibella.



pee aid for pregnant women

As a pregnant women I absolutly love this pee aid. Because of it I no longer have to sit down at public restrooms. I recommend it to every women out there.



Pee while standing up: A review

If you’ve ever wanted to pee while standing up, then you’ll need to consider using something like the Pibella. It’s a small tube that fits right under your urethra and you can use it to direct your pee.

read the whole article here: reusablemenstrualcup.com

Female urine device is a lifesaver

This female urine device is the best! I spend a lot of time in the mountains in winter.

Because of my Pibella Travel I don’t have to take my pants off every time I have to pee.

It’s so simple to use and worked right away.

I’m beyond excited


Female urine device on a hiking trip

Trough an online forum I’ve heard about this fantastic female urine device. Because I attended a hiking trip in the mountains, I immediately ordered a Pibella Travel pearl from you. The vacation is over and I wanted to show how perfect my Pibella worked.

Thank you!