FUDs tested: Pibella wins

FUDs are funnels that let women pee standing up. We tried most brands to report back on the pros and cons of each model. Plus: Tips on how to use them.
Best use: Long distance backpacking or peeing discreetly
Tester notes: “As a long-distance backpacker, I prioritize size, weight, reliability, and durability over everything else, and that’s why the Pibella is my number one pick. It is nearly weightless, small enough to fit in the hip-pocket of my pack, and made from a hard plastic that seems to withstand a lot of abuse. It’s also incredibly discreet.

The Pibella is different than the other FUDs in one major way: The side of the device that meets your body is almost as small as the spout on the other end. In other words, you’re peeing into a straw.
That visual is enough to discomfort most ladies who don’t want wet hiking pants, but I wouldn’t be writing this if it didn’t also miraculously work. The end of the Pibella which meets your body inserts just enough to feel reassuring but not invasive: You will know beyond a doubt when it’s in the right spot to work. At the beginning of my trials, I was certain this would leak, but by the end my thinking had reversed. There’s a bigger learning curve, but I think it’s well worth getting acquainted with the Pibella when it comes time to head out on the trail.” –


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tube for dripless peeing for women

When I got to the category „Health“ in the AZ newspaper, the innovative photograph really stood out: I just had to carefully examine the report titled „A small tube for dripless peeing in the field of nursing care and on travels“.

Before I continued reading the paper, I had to visit your website first. Immediately after collecting the information I required, I submitted my order to you!

And only 24 hours later I am now able to try it out for the first time! Your fud is sensational!! It worked perfectly the very first time I tested it.

You just cannot imagine how happy I am about this invention and how happy my entire family will be when they won’t have to wait for hours on the ski slopes until I have taken off and put back on 5 layers of clothes in order to go to the toilet (I think we will be able to do at least 4 to 5 runs more per day!).

It’s a great shame that you hardly advertise such a great stand to pee device. For example, I didn’t know anything about it until yesterday.

And I also think it’s a shame that your website mainly addresses sick people and those in need of care. There are indeed a lot of young women with a bladder weakness (especially after giving birth) and who desperately (almost to the point of having tears in their eyes) look for toilets because they cannot go for a pee behind a tree in a discreet manner. When in public, a woman needs a great deal more courage to let her trousers down, even if she is behind a tree! They would be grateful for this pee tube!

I wish you the best of success

Kind and grateful regards

Sandra Bachmann

Female urination device in a wheelchair

I am 36 and I have been in a wheelchair since I was 30 yrs old.
Before Pibella whenever I went out in public I would have to have my husband come in the bathroom with me and lift me up and put me on the toilet…Sitting on the public toliets would often give me boils and infections from them not being sterlie..  The best female urination device in a wheelchair!
So we would not go out often. Because it was either sit on the toilet or sit in a wet adult diaper…
But with the Pibella I can go out on my own…
I dont need any assitance in the bathroom…
I can go out with my friends and other family members without having to have my husband there to help me in the bathrooms and best of all I have not had one boil or infection since using the Pibella and not having to sit on the dirty pyblic toliets…
Words cant express how much I appreciate you for making this product.

Thank You Belinda

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Pee device gave me back my independance

I first wanna say thank you for creating this pee device. I has litterally given me back my independance.I am so thankful. I also had a question. I have the Pibella Travel.I wanted to know if you can use it with the urinal bags or do you need the comfort set for the bags to fit?

Thank You Again
I can not express how thankful I am for Pibella

Shanley, USA

Female urination device for women

I can not say enough good things about your product. I was in need of something to help clear my bladder while working assignments with no restroom close by. Originally, I bought another female urination device. However, while it was still being shipped to me, I ran across a review of your product. My gut told me to buy it, so, I did.

Well, the other device was thrown away after a couple of failed attempts and the realization that there was no way the device would work.
A few days later, Pibella arrived in my mailbox. It worked the first time! I love it. Thinking I may have to get the comfort one in the near future to accompany the travel one I bought.

Thank you for making such a wonderful product.

Karin, USA

Urine aid is a great help in pregnancy

The feminine urination device Pibella is a great help for me in pregnancy.
I LOVE Pibella Travel (stand up and pee) and Pibella Comfort (lying down). As a pregnant women I need to use the toilet every other minute, so this urine aid is a great help in my daily life. Love it!

Thank you so much.
Washington, USA

Pibella Comfort in bed

I received my order last week. My mother has already started using Pibella Comfort in bed, and she is completely dry in the morning! We are so happy with this urination device.

Thank you very much for the fast delivery.

Warm Regards,
Ann T. and Mother

Pibella Urination Devices works great with MS

I purchased this, it works great! I have MS and this allows me to go to the bathroom without having to squat while hiking, paddling, skiing, and biking. Pibella urination devices is really a great aid in my daily life.
Also we must think about the TICK infestation, I know of 2 women who had ticks in and very close to their vaginas.
I have tried other products that are similar, this one is the one I recommend to all my friends.

Deborah F.

Pee device for women for Wheelchair and Powerchair

I am a user of both the comfort and the travel Pibella (for peeing while sitting in my powerchair, wheelchair). I have tried a few urinary devices in the my time and by far, by far, by far, your product is superior! This pee device for women is the best.

I have introduced it to a facebook page of women who also have Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy.
Thanks for creating such a wonderful, life expanding product. Very grateful.

Kind regards
Rebecca from Australia

Urination devices are wonderful alternative

In terms of nursing care, Pibella definitely proves to be a wonderful alternative. A friend of mine brought my attention to Pibella and asked me –  a nursing care expert at a surgical ward – if we could also include Pibella in our range of products. After observing the usage procedure on the Internet, I was immediately interested and therefore ordered one. After receiving the product, I tested it and immediately realised that I felt secure using Pibella urination devices, despite the fact that one or two trials in an undisturbed environment are necessary. The small, anatomical docking orifice is perfect, even though this may be hard to believe at first. Equipped with this new knowledge, I visited all the team meetings of our six wards. There I showed Pibella to the nurses. It is now available in all our wards.

The nurses experience

A majority of the nurses wanted to experience Pibella themselves. Which led them to order one for their own private use. Because of to their own enthusiasm, they were able to overcome any inhibition whatsoever. They presented Pibella to the patients as well as explain its advantages to them!

The patients experience

Patients who use Pibella urination devices are very happy and grateful. Because they are able to relieve themselves in an independent, intimate and comfortable manner. They are glad that they do not have to use the cold and uncomfortable bedpan. Apart from the patient satisfaction, the nurses are now able to protect their backs during work – notably in the case of obese patients who do not have to be lifted anymore. Furthermore, only one nurse is now needed to assist a patient to relieve him- or herself – something that is normally impossible when using a bedpan. It is also important to mention the fact that the risk of falling is also reduced.

My experience

From my point of view, I am really glad that I didn’t have to do without Pibella during my mountain trekking trip in Thailand! It is clear to me that Pibella is an ingenious product and a major achievement for women!

Brigitte Wittwer, Nursing Care Expert, University Hospital of Berne, Switzerland