Pibella urination device – enhanced comfort – for corpulent women too!

This innovative female urination system for women that, in its present version, has proved to be particularly suitable when lying down, offers enhanced comfort for those concerned. This product makes it possible to avoid the painstaking transfer of a patient to a bedpan.

The relatively slim Pibella is also easy to position for rather corpulent women, and only one caregiver is needed.

The unpleasant feeling of urine dripping over thighs and buttocks in a lying position is a thing of the past because it is directly diverted from the urethral opening.

Due to the anatomical shape of the docking orifice, a risk of injury is prevented, and those concerned do not find it disturbing.

The plastic bag that is attached collects the urine in a highly reliable manner. No slope is necessary, it can just be placed on the bed. It’s also very easy to empty the bag prior to desposal.

Multiple use of the docking orifice is especially practical und straightforward in terms of using it for care purposes at home.

Pibella presents a creative alternative to all previously known urination systems, offering pleasant comfort for those concerned and valuable relief for the caregivers.

Martina Steinbeiß, Continence and Stoma adviser

Hospital „Barmherzige Schwestern“, Linz, Austria

Austria, August 2007

The patients find it easier and better then the bedpan

It is known that patients worry about excretions during their stay in a hospital.
For urinating you need to push the button; a high chance for wetting the bed and the uncomfortable use of the bedpan all are concerns. Unfortunately there are not many studies done on this problem.

The use of Pibella is simple, and works after overcoming initial reluctance this novel device, making it a clean, simple and quiet activity.

It is important that the caregiver instructs the patient clearly how Pibella works and that there are other, better things available then the painful bedpan.

So far we have noticed in our Hospital that when Pibella is used, the patients find it easier and better then the bedpan.

“Your skin does not get wet” is a frequent remark from the users, which is quite important because it makes the patient feel ashamed and uncomfortable.

Doris von Siebenthal, Care Expert Surgery Dept, Canton Hospital Baden AG, Baden, Switzerland

I can highly recommend Pibella

This innovative product gives women that need an aid while urinating in bed, big advantages and high-end care.
Since the concept stage until commercialization, I have followed closely the development of this product. Pibella offers significant advantages. We use this simple and cost saving urinating device frequently for our female patients.
Because of the positive results, and comments from our patients, I can highly recommend Pibella.

Prof. Dr. Jürg H. Beer, Chief of medical Clinic, Canton Hospital Baden AG, Baden, Switzerland

Satisfied female pelvic floor experts / we recommend Pibella

All our BeBo® instructors in Switzerland and Germany are thrilled and satisfied with the Pibella female urination device, both for affected customers as well as within prevention. Experience shows that a lot of daily inconveniences can be overcome in a simple manner. After initial scepticism, I am now thoroughly convinced that we can present your products during our instruction and training courses.

Best regards
Judith Krucker, BeBo Fitness training, Zurich and Oberottmarshausen (Germany)

Enthusiasm on hikes and expeditions with Pibella Urinal

Feedback from my hiking expedition:

I took the wee-wee devices Pibella Travel + Comfort with me on my hiking expedition and I am thrilled to bits with the female products. At long last, all strenuous activities have come to an end, e.g. getting up, putting shoes on, opening the tent‘s zip, leaving the tent in all weathers!

Pibella accounts for the female anatomy.
Four years ago, I had a climbing accident which caused a strong contusion to the pelvis. If I‘d have possessed Pibella back then, I would have avoided a lot of pain and toil.

Best wishes and kind regards

Annabelle Cuche

Painless with Lichen Sclerosus / absolutely dry

It is best money I have given out for a long time!
I suffer from skin disease Lichen Sclerosus – translated into Danish “silkehud” which is a disease of the inner labia. When the disease flares up, bursting the skin and leaves exuding wounds. I have had the disease in some 9 years and have tried everything to avoid urine touching the wounds, without finding something that works for me.
I must admit I was a little skeptic around Pibella Travel, but although the material is hard, it felt not hard while using. I was also concerned it might “stick” against my wounds and then it would be a pain to remove it. This issue has been the biggest problem with all the different things I have tried over the years, but it was a real joy to eliminate it.
Pibella ist the only product, which keeps the body absolutey dry. Not a drop falls aside.
Now I can allow myself to take into the city even when I have these outbreaks, where I previously was forced to stay home near the shower to wash the urine away when I peed and felt pain afterwards.
I can definitely recommend to others with the same disease or other diseases of the vagina, using Pibella Travel and may like to refer to my mail in connection with the mention of the product.

Many greetings
Emma L.

Prof. Dr. Klaus Mees recommends Pibella the femal uriniation device

The fact that women increasingly head for higher destinations means that there is a need for advice which especially covers the female anatomy. After testing your compact and easy to handle Pibella models which worked immediately (without spilling a single drop), I can recommend your unique urination system, also in my high-altitude medical guidebook!

Prof. Dr. Klaus Mees, high-altitude physiologist, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, Germany

Book: Höhentrekking und Höhenbergsteigen, ISBN 978-3-7654-5493-6,

Publishing house: www.bruckmann.de

Lichen sclerosus / Thanks to the Pibella urination device

My Pibella Travel has just arrived, and it is exactly what I had expected and hoped for. I suffer from a disease called Lichen Sclerosus which makes my private parts particularly vulnerable to injuries and wounds. As soon as these „parts“ come into contact with urine, I experience almost unbearable pain. Pibella is the only female urination device I have encountered that keeps urine away from my body without exposing the surrounding skin. I will recommend this system to the LS online support group. I will also order another one in the near future.
Many thanks!
Judith O’Sean, USA

Pibella – a great female urination device

I heard about Pibella via the media. I have been suffering from an irritable bladder for many years, and I can hardly tolerate a permanent catheter (constant irritation of the bladder). In May 2008, I underwent a knee operation after which I was not able to leave my bed for at least 2 days. As I decided to refuse using a permanent catheter, I was left with the single option of testing Pibella. I discussed it with my doctor and the anaesthetist who were both willing to respect my request.
I think Pibella is good due to the fact that a patient does not always have to call for a nurse in order for her to bring a bedpan. The usage is very discreet, and once the application is understood, one never encounters any further problems.
I can only recommend the Pibella female urinating system, and I will certainly use it during the days after my next knee operation (which takes place next year).
Rona Rudolf, Switzerland