For innovative, humane and sensitive performances in function and form, a renowned and independent jury of experts from the rehabilitation and design sectors as well as the TÜV (German technical inspectorate) honour Pibella Travel and Pibella Comfort with the:

Prof Dr Peter Zec –Senator of the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design, Montreal and Rehacare Trade Fair Düsseldorf Germany

Pibella offers an alternative to the bedpan

We know just how much the patients hate the bedpan, and that many actually drink a lot less or nothing at all in order not to have to use it. Pibella now offers an alternative to the bedpan.

Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Panfil – Head of the Institue for Health Care Sciences – University of Applied Sciences – St. Gallen, Switzerland

Prevent falls

Maintain and improve the quality of life, give patients more independence and well-being, prevent falls – these goals can be achieved with Pibella which is why I recommend it with great conviction.

Jutta Bisaz, nursing care expert HöFa II

I can fully recommend both products

After a major operation, Pibella Comfort and Pibella Travel were a great help. I can fully recommend both products!

Renate Andermatt, “midwife”

Insider present

Our customers particularly appreciate their Pibella products during the warm months when they are out in the nature and on travels as well as when they are confronted with dirty toilets. In the meantime, Pibella has also become an “insider” present to girlfriends.

Best regards Claudine Reinecke – babyträume – ökologisch natürlich schön, Textilhandel GmbH, Essen, Germany

Introduction in healthcare institutions is practical

The introduction of Pibella in healthcare institutions is practical and desirable. It is also suitable for pregnant women and outdoor activities.

FHS St.Gallen – University of Applied Sciences – empirical study 2010

Also helpful for ill and handicapped people

Thank you very much for the documents and the quick delivery. I have already tested the Travel System and I am highly enthusiastic about this possibility. – This way, dirty toilets no longer poses a problem when I am out and about. I also see this system as a very helpful device for ill and handicapped people. I will definitely recommend Pibella during my courses and maybe even resell them. Thank you very much and kind regards

Esther Wintsch, Trainer for kinaesthetics in nursing

moving care Erbsackerweg 15 5303 Würenlingen, Switzerland Tel. 0041 56 281 10 15

Great as a gift

Thank you for your kind feedback. The reorder has already arrived and now I can start giving my presents to some friends of mine ;-D

I would be glad to recommend Pibella to my friends at work. I really think more women should get to know about such a great product!!

Lots of success for your wonderful product.

Kindest regards from Basel.

Sandra Bühler, Switzerland

Once the initial concerns are overcome, happiness prevails

The Pibella female urination device is convenient for nursing care. Once the initial concerns are overcome, happiness prevails – gone is the feeling of regret that women have never had the opportunity to become acquainted with this system a lot earlier.
Especially in terms of nursing care, Pibella Comfort presents new opportunities: a urination system that makes the daily lives of both the patients and the nurses a lot easier – cleanly and without getting wet. I have tested the system myself and I am impressed. It takes some effort – at first I couldn’t let go and I was in doubt if it would work. – But it did! The patients at the hospital who were informed about Pibella couldn’t believe that the system hasn’t become a standard aid a long time ago!

I am absolutely convinced of this urination system because of the fact that its application is worthwhile – evident time saving, reduction of falls, cost savings and decisively more well-being for all patients. Further, the knowledge about Pibella is very important for nursing care at home, especially with regard to the ageing of the population – although this still remains a taboo subject.

I took Pibella Travel with me on my trip to Asia, and I travelled in a carefree manner.“

Doris von Siebenthal, nursing care expert, Cantonal Hospital Baden, Switzerland

Pibella – and the wheel chair.

My short story:

I am confined to a wheelchair and I use Pibella Comfort whenever necessary. I often use Pibella at night when it is too exhausting to get up.

Because I often travel by train, I’m glad I don’t have to use the dreadful train toilets – instead, I am able do everything in my wheelchair. Whenever I go on a bicycle tour with my handbike, I look for a quiet spot outdoors due to the fact that my 2.10 m long vehicle does not fit inside any toilet whatsoever.
When I want to visit my friends or go to a restaurant or participate in advanced training courses, there are hardly ever any disabled toilet facilities.

Thanks to Pibella Comfort, this is no longer a problem at all. The only thing I have to find is a place where I can use Pibella Comfort without any disturbance.
Until now, travelling by air has been the biggest problem for wheelchair users. No airline installs disabled toilet facilities in its aircraft. Everything is narrow and tight. Whenever I wanted to visit my sister in Canada, I always had to wear diaper pants on the long flight. Now, with a blanket over my lap, I can also use Pibella Comforton an airplane.

With Pibella Comfort, I feel very relieved.

Karin M. Wolters, Germany