What led to the invention of the Pibella urination system?

  • 2004: The Stebler family looks worldwide for a well-functioning urination system
  • 2004: René & Fabian Stebler discuss their own initial ideas
  • 2005: First tests using prototypes are carried out with close friends and at the Cantonal Hospital Baden
  • 2006: Pibella Comfort is used as an alternative in hospitals and nursing homes
  • 2007: Pibella Travel is developed
Sabine, Fabian and René Stebler dedicate Pibellato all women in loving and thankful memory of Käthi.

Sabine, Fabian and René Stebler, dedicate Pibella to all women in loving and thankful memory of Käthi.

In January 2004, Käthi Stebler was diagnosed with incurable cancer.

Until her death on July 2004, Käthi was lovingly cared for at the Cantonal Hospital in Baden. During the period of our active help, we were confronted with the bed pan which was just as hideous for Käthi as for us.

When a woman has to depend on a urinating aid due to illness and in a lying position, the bed pan can be highly unacceptable for patients and nursing staff. We, René and Fabian Stebler, therefore decided to put an end to this degrading and humiliating situation for women.

During two work- and cost-intensive years, we invented and developed the perfectly functioning urination system Pibella Comfort. It has proved to be very Comfortable, pleasant and discreet both for the patient lying in the bed as well as for the nurse. Pibella Comfort can also be used in a seated position (edge of the bed, wheelchair, car).

For the carefree and more enjoyable times in the life of a woman, we continued to develop the Pibella Travel which enables a woman to urinate either in a standing or sitting position – regardless of where and how she is Traveling around the world.

Thanks to Pibella, many unpleasant situations for women have now become a lot more Comfortable and bearable.