Dear friends of Pibella !

Many people already praise as one of the most important inventions ever made for women. Others are even calling it a milestone in history.

Pibella is an exceedingly important product for women and signifies a turning point in their lives, and of their families, too.

We have dared to approach something that no one has yet succeeded in doing. And we have accomplished it with our own capital resources, a huge amount of commitment and time. We consciously never took out a loan or borrowed capital in order that the company remains healthy in the future, whether on a large or small scale. We will always remain true to this philosophy.

In order to finance and optimise further inventions we are extremely grateful for small and large donations. With your support, you can also play a part in setting a milestone in history and thus improve the welfare of women all over the world. We are focused on the following three projects:

  • Advertising, in order to make Pibella well known to women.
  • Optimise the Pibella application for the wheelchair.
  • Translations in all languages – not merely the major world languages – so women in other countries can also benefit from.

Thank you very much! Your donation will only be used for these projects.

The Stebler family and the Pibella team