A plain and simple design for the perfect female urination device Pibella

With Pibella you have invented an ergonomically perfect pee aid which makes women think why such a thing wasn’t invented a long time ago! The design is plain and simple, and the choice of materials is optimal – but, above all: the docking orifice is nicely rounded and does not hurt at all.

Even if you are smiling about my statement regarding the „design“ of this product, I must say that women are able to carry Pibella in their handbag or backpack – WITHOUT having to answer „silly questions“ in the event that anybody should look into my bag.

It’s just brilliant for holidays, travelling by train and invariably in the case of unacceptable restrooms, where women must always be afraid that „something“ may squirt around. THANKS TO PIBELLA, THOSE DAYS ARE NOW OVER!

Gone are the days when ticks had to be removed from an intimate part of the body after crouching behind bushes on the edge of a forest.

Thank you very much for your invention and also for selling the aid at such a reasonable price.

Kind regards, Rosanna Mola