Female Urinal Pibella with harness

Pibella Travel unterwegs

Here is a picture of my trekking with the female Urinal Pibella, taken on top of the Mont Pelvoux (3943m), France, with Pibella, the best urinal for women. So easy to use. You don’t have to take off your trousers. Because of that you can easily pee in public as a women.

Thank you very much for this Pibella Travel, very useful in the mountains with a harness!

Many greetings from the mountains.

Female Urination Device actually works

Unterwegs mit Pibella Urinal

Please find attached a photo from me with Pibella Travel, Female Urination Device.
This female urinal Pibella is the best device while traveling. Thank you so much for this product. And thank you for one Pibella Travel for free (for the picture). I would like to have it in green. You can buy Pibella easy at Globetrotter or just here!

Greetings from the cold.
Lucia G.