Piss aid on a Biketour

Best thing ever for biking, Pibella Travel! I can’t believe that I used to bike without my piss aid. So must faster, due to this I can spend more time biking and less time searching for a proper restroom or a tree. 10/10!

Pee tube does the job

I received my Pibella pee tube today, and I tried it out as soon as I needed to go. It
worked so well! I can’t wait to use it on long walks or hikes or even in a
dirty public loo! 🙂
Greets Chris

Pee funnel on Geocaching

Pibella is great and I use it while Geocaching. Loved the fact that this pee funnel is simple to keep clean. Shaking it once or twice is almost enough.

I send you a photo and would like to have a Pibella Travel in pink. Thank you!


Hiking with Pibella FUD

Hello Pibella

I take my Pibella backpacking. It is a great urine director for backpacker.
It is so much easier!

Thank you!
Charlotte, Canada

The best and easiest urination device Pibella

urination device

Good afternoon

I want to thank you for developing the urination device Pibella. It is the third and best urination device of this type I have used. It is the smallest, easiest to get into position, most convenient to carry, and (best of all) most compatible with a woman’s anatomy, so it doesn’t leak or drip. Because of its small size and unique shape, it requires less adjustment of clothing to use (the backside stays covered :-). I like to attend music festivals but I have a horror of germs and public bathrooms. This will make it so much more pleasant. I used my Pibella successfully on the first try, and I intend to use it all year long for hiking, festivals, and travel.
Again, thank you.
Cathy, USA

P.S. –I’d like to take you up on your offer of a free Pibella in exchange for a photo. I will give it to my sister who also loves festivals. (A pink one would be nice.)

Best stand to pee device in India

Here are my personal Pibella photos from when I travelled in India and had to pee in the most unpleasant areas haha – thank you for saving me! (-: This is the best stand to pee device I’ve ever used.

If these count towards a free Pibella as it says on your website, I would love a new one as my last one arrived with a crack down the middle, though it was still perfectly usable

Have a great day!