Pibella with extra zipper bags

Got the product today. I’m so surprised that it comes with extra zipper bags.
It works well (as expected). I would recommend it, because it’s easy and reusable.
Thank you.

Petra, USA

Pibella Urination Devices works great with MS

I purchased this, it works great! I have MS and this allows me to go to the bathroom without having to squat while hiking, paddling, skiing, and biking. Pibella urination devices is really a great aid in my daily life.
Also we must think about the TICK infestation, I know of 2 women who had ticks in and very close to their vaginas.
I have tried other products that are similar, this one is the one I recommend to all my friends.

Deborah F.

Pee device for women for Wheelchair and Powerchair

I am a user of both the comfort and the travel Pibella (for peeing while sitting in my powerchair, wheelchair). I have tried a few urinary devices in the my time and by far, by far, by far, your product is superior! This pee device for women is the best.

I have introduced it to a facebook page of women who also have Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy.
Thanks for creating such a wonderful, life expanding product. Very grateful.

Kind regards
Rebecca from Australia