Pipella – the perfect peeing device for every Pippi Longstocking!

Dear Pibella Team

Please find attached my personal Pibella picture.

Pibella Travel is the perfect urination device for women and has been in use successfully several times!

Already as a child I was a Pippi Longstocking and have had the dream to pee standing up ever since.
The “Pippi-Pibella” is perfect and just the right accessory for every Pippi Longstocking!

I would be very grateful if you were able to send the complimentary Pibella Travel to the address below /…/.

Warm regards from Pippi

Bedridden daughter – the Pibella urination system helps

Hi Pibella Team

I have bought several Pibella Comfort, they are for my daughter who is severly ill in Myalgisc Encephalommyelitis (which means inflammation in the brain and muscles) and she is totally bedridden since almost a year.

Without the Pibella urination system her life would be much more difficult (and also mine – I am the only carer) so thank you for this product and thank´s again for the extra tubes and lids!

Kind regards,