I recommend the female pee funnel Pibella

I am a proud user of the Pibella, the best female urination device!

I travel a lot and always look forward to using the Pibella urinating system. It’s also great when I’m on holiday! Dirty toilets don’t bother me anymore. This urination system is the only one that allows me to keep my pants and trousers on. My buttocks remain covered. I also stay completely dry and I can actually wipe off the last drop. Afterwards, I only have to shake the tube out and put it back into the bag. Well-designed from start to finish. Thank you for this great product!

Karina Y.

your Pibella urinal is undoubtedly the best!

I have tried other urination devices, but your Pibella urinal is undoubtedly better. I was surprised by the ease of use and outstanding functioning. I will certainly advertise the pee device Pibella, hoping that other people like me can appreciate it. “Stand to pee” with Pibella is great and I recommend it all women on this world 🙂

My best regards
Calima, Italy

I must congratulate you for a great product

With love, from the worst railway line in Italy! On a train (without bathrooms) which takes almost two hours to cover 50km, a Pibella urinal and a bottle are a boon 🙂

I must congratulate you for a great product. Surely you already know, but I wanted to say it anyway. Pibelle is the great female urination device while standing and sitting (see my picture).

I live in Italy. I’m a commuter, to go from home to work and back takes me over 7 hours, and the bathrooms are missing or they suck. As for spite, I need to go to the bathroom very often! 🙂 I’m pretty fat (ehm… ok, I’m obese!!) and I find it difficult to lie down.

I tried six different products, some do not go, some go pretty well. The Pibella device is the only one that gives me the 100% security and peace of mind. I know that when I really need it so much, do not risk going out with wet pants 🙂

It is easy to learn to use Pibella, and it is perfectly effective even for a person chubby like me! 😀

Saluti dall’Italia! Kamila