Great at all the unappetizing motorway service areas

A big „Hi“ to you all in the Canton of Aargau

Reorder: This „thing“ is absolutely sensational!!! I have tried mine and would now like to order one for my children and my mother. The fourth one is another one for me – I will leave it in the car … Pibella is just great at all the unappetizing motorway service areas!!

Best regards 🙂
Sabine B. from Basel

Pibella is a wonderful invention

Pibella is a wonderful invention! The device is ingenious on hikes with a heavy rucksack, on travels and in toilets other than at home. I am already looking forward to using it in wintertime when it is icy cold – when I won’t have to take off any clothes …

I will gladly inform my girlfriends, too. Pibella is the perfect urination device for women.

Thanks a lot, I wish you every success!

Susanna, Switzerland

Pibella allows me to stay clean and dry

I am a fan of your product. It doesn’t miss a single drop, and it is also very user-friendly. I have tried other models in the past, but I was always wet between the legs. Pibella allows me to stay clean and dry. Just shake out the tube afterwards, then back into the small plastic bag. Due to the fact that there are hardly any remains, I don’t even need to rinse it out. And there is no odour either. I do however rinse it out from time to time. By the way, I wash Pibella in the washing machine together with my hot-water laundry at 90° C 😉

I use Pibella during my free-time and I am extremely grateful for your invention. How must women with illnesses feel???

Once again: Thank you very much!

Brigitte from Sweden

Congratulations on your invention pee funnel Pibella

Congratulations on your invention Pibella pee funnel. After reading about it in today’s newspaper, I found it quite amusing because of the fact that when I was seven years old, I found it quite unfair that the boys were so “comfortably equipped”. Back then (approx. 50 years ago), I thought that someone should invent a device in order for girls to be able to urinate standing up. I envisioned a little tube – but I didn’t have any idea how to fasten it. I didn’t pursue the project any further. 🙂

In the meantime, I have come to terms with my own anatomy; I must say that I am especially happy that your product will help bedridden patients. And also that it will now be possible to fulfull my childhood wish when I go walking or anywhere else when it will come in handy.

Maja Speer

Your invention is sensational

Your invention is sensational. Congratulations! As a woman who likes to travel, I have been waiting for this for many years.

Best regards

Brigitte Gans


For innovative, humane and sensitive performances in function and form, a renowned and independent jury of experts from the rehabilitation and design sectors as well as the TÜV (German technical inspectorate) honour Pibella Travel and Pibella Comfort with the:

Prof Dr Peter Zec –Senator of the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design, Montreal and Rehacare Trade Fair Düsseldorf Germany

Pibella offers an alternative to the bedpan

We know just how much the patients hate the bedpan, and that many actually drink a lot less or nothing at all in order not to have to use it. Pibella now offers an alternative to the bedpan.

Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Panfil – Head of the Institue for Health Care Sciences – University of Applied Sciences – St. Gallen, Switzerland

Pibella has my enthusiasm

Pibella has my enthusiasm and gratitude.

Pajkanovic Svetlana B1 – Nurse – Hirslanden Klinik St. Anna – Lucerne, Switzerland

Prevent falls

Maintain and improve the quality of life, give patients more independence and well-being, prevent falls – these goals can be achieved with Pibella which is why I recommend it with great conviction.

Jutta Bisaz, nursing care expert HöFa II

I can fully recommend both products

After a major operation, Pibella Comfort and Pibella Travel were a great help. I can fully recommend both products!

Renate Andermatt, “midwife”