Prof. Dr. Klaus Mees recommends Pibella the femal uriniation device

The fact that women increasingly head for higher destinations means that there is a need for advice which especially covers the female anatomy. After testing your compact and easy to handle Pibella models which worked immediately (without spilling a single drop), I can recommend your unique urination system, also in my high-altitude medical guidebook!

Prof. Dr. Klaus Mees, high-altitude physiologist, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, Germany

Book: Höhentrekking und Höhenbergsteigen, ISBN 978-3-7654-5493-6,

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The Pibella urinal worked perfectly the first time

I recently tried Pibella Travel for the first time.
Thank you very much for Pibella, the best urinal for me!!! It worked perfectly the first time I used this female urination device.
Best regards
Judith Blasser