Pibella – no more penis envy at last

Dear Mr Stebler!
I immediately tested Pibella, and it worked superbly – what a great idea! Finally, no more penis envy! It would make Freud roll over in his grave.
During my stay here in Peking, Pibella pee aid has made many visits to public toilets a lot easier. Moreover, I have acquired a new perspective in terms of now being able to stand up while peeing 😉
All I need now is to practise for the winter months so I can „pee“ my name in the snow.
Thanks a lot – I will recommend your product whenever I can.
Many kind regards from Peking! Silvia Perri, Austria

Lichen sclerosus / Thanks to the Pibella urination device

My Pibella Travel has just arrived, and it is exactly what I had expected and hoped for. I suffer from a disease called Lichen Sclerosus which makes my private parts particularly vulnerable to injuries and wounds. As soon as these „parts“ come into contact with urine, I experience almost unbearable pain. Pibella is the only female urination device I have encountered that keeps urine away from my body without exposing the surrounding skin. I will recommend this system to the LS online support group. I will also order another one in the near future.
Many thanks!
Judith O’Sean, USA

Pibella – what a relief

When I was on holiday, Pibella Travel saved me several times when I had to go to the loo. By the way, it also works perfectly using a PET bottle in a seated position! At night and half asleep, all I had to do was to sit on the edge of the bed. What a relief! Perfect pee funnel.
It really is a brilliant thing, and the design reminds me of a small fashion accessory.
Barbara Hübscher

No disgusting toilets anymore

No disgusting toilets anymore
Pibella Travel is just brilliant, and it works flawlessly! At long last, I do not have to sit on or crouch over any disgusting toilets anymore when I go to openairs or other concerts or when I’m on holiday or go out. It even works a lot better than the conventional urination systems for women.
Thank you very much indeed!!
Carlotta Zürcher, Switzerland

A plain and simple design for the perfect female urination device Pibella

With Pibella you have invented an ergonomically perfect pee aid which makes women think why such a thing wasn’t invented a long time ago! The design is plain and simple, and the choice of materials is optimal – but, above all: the docking orifice is nicely rounded and does not hurt at all.

Even if you are smiling about my statement regarding the „design“ of this product, I must say that women are able to carry Pibella in their handbag or backpack – WITHOUT having to answer „silly questions“ in the event that anybody should look into my bag.

It’s just brilliant for holidays, travelling by train and invariably in the case of unacceptable restrooms, where women must always be afraid that „something“ may squirt around. THANKS TO PIBELLA, THOSE DAYS ARE NOW OVER!

Gone are the days when ticks had to be removed from an intimate part of the body after crouching behind bushes on the edge of a forest.

Thank you very much for your invention and also for selling the aid at such a reasonable price.

Kind regards, Rosanna Mola

Pibella – small and discreet

I now always take Pibella with me during sports. Due to the fact that it is so small and discreet, I am now able to just slide my shorts and underpants to one side. It works fine.
Kind regards, Babette, Switzerland

Pibella is for me the best female urination device

I discovered Pibella (to be precise, it was Pibella Travel – the pink and green models were the only ones available, so I decided to buy the green one) in the Transa store in Basel when I was really looking for a bath towel.
Until then, I had never been aware of the fact that something like Pibella ever existed. Even though I am still young, I know what it means to provide nursing care to the elderly due to the fact that I took care of my grandmother a lot. It’s just a pity that I didn’t know about this product when she was alive – but better late than never! Pibella is great and perfect for women — the best female urination device for me.
Have a nice day and best regards
Margrit, Basel